CCIE Routing & Switching Training Product Portfolio

CCIE Routing and Switching training

IPexpert boasts a full portfolio of CCIE Routing & Switching (R&S) lab training products and classes. These products include self-paced workbooks, audio lecture, video on demand courses, online rack rental and classroom training. To learn more about our products and courses, please click on the category of interest or click HERE to chat with a Training Advisor.

Learn IPexpert's proven CCIE Routing & Switching preparation methodology that has been fine tuned over the past decade, and has helped thousands pass the coveted CCIE lab!

CCIE Routing & Switching Products

CCIE Routing & Switching Workbooks - IPexpert offers three separate workbooks designed to assist clients with CCIE Routing & Switching (R&S) 4.0 lab preparation with detailed explanations and tips. We also provide an additional component labeled "Walk-Through Video Tutorials" which is a collection of high definition video based solutions for each workbook. 

CCIE Routing & Switching Video on Demand Courses - IPexpert's CCIE R&S (4.0) video on demand coursees are designed for CCIE Routing & Switching candidates who wish to learn about the protocols and technologies included in the CCIE R&S lab exam blueprint in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. 

CCIE Routing & Switching Audio on Demand Course  - The audio on demand lecture series is nearly 25 hours of detailed lectures that explain the fundamentals and implementations of the challenging protocols tested on the CCIE R&S 4.0 lab exam that will allow clients to continue to learn even during the commute to and from work and during other “on the go” activities.

CCIE Routing & Switching Rack Rental - CCIE R&S racks are structured around the IPexpert CCIE R&S product topology consisting of 13 routers (including frame relay switch, terminal server and three backbone routers) and four Catalyst switches.

CCIE Routing & Switching Self-Study Bundle (Blended Learning Solution) - IPexpert’s Blended Learning Solution (self-study bundle) is the industry’s most thorough, complete and professionally designed self-study learning tool on the market today. The BLS provides students with a consolidated learning experience delivered through various forms of media. Each component is built into a streamlined, user-friendly learning environment that maximizes study time and simplifies study efforts. In addition to thousands of pages of printed study manuals, students will also receive a portable USB hard drive (Windows and Mac compatible).

CCIE Routing & Switching Boot Camps - IPexpert's CCIE Routing & Switching bootcamps are the industry’s most thorough and professionally delivered CCIE R&S class on the market today, that are extremely lengthy, challenging and designed to allow you to fully comprehend how prepared you are for the real CCIE R&S 4.0 lab exam with emphasis on complex theory, technical tips and test taking strategies.

CCIE Routing & Switching Complete-End-to-End Solution - IPexpert's thorough hands-on solution is designed to take clients from initial stages of CCIE lab preparation all the way to the actual lab exam. Although initially created to be used as a self-study learning program, the End-to-End program adds in the classroom training component to ensure this program exceeds expectations and delivers results. 

Client Testimonials
Thanks IPexpert for the great CCIE R&S Training material.
I passed my CCIE R&S recently. Thanks IPexpert for the great CCIE R&S Training material. I attended IPexpert's CCIE R&S bootcamp last October. I would like to thank instructor Marko Milivojevic for sharing his knowledge and teaching Lab troubleshooting strategy. It helped me during the exam. It feels great to pass the exam. Thanks IPexpert team.