CCIE R&S Lab :: Version 4 Products:

Note: When you purchase any V4 product, you'll be entitled to V5 updates free of charge.

CCIE Routing & Switching workbook Volume 1Volume 1 is designed to allow candidates to focus on individual protocols and technologies on the current CCIE R&S Lab blueprint. CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Preparation Workbook Volume 1 consists of 34 sections / lab scenarios that each take 2 to 8 hours to complete.

CCIE Routing & Switching Workbook Volume 2 Volume 2 is a collection of twenty (20) 8-hour mock lab exams. The mock labs are full-blown labs that include technologies and protocols seen on the CCIE R&S lab blueprint. The CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Preparation Workbook Volume 2 lab scenarios provide clients the ability to work with all technologies together allowing clients to gauge their level of understanding these technologies and protocols. These lab scenarios are a "bridge" between Volume 1 protocol / technology focused labs and our Volume 3 mock labs and should be used to ease the transition from Volume 1 to Volume 3.

CCIE Routing & Switching workbook Volume 3 Volume 3 is a collection of ten (10) 8-hour mock lab exams. Each mock lab exam in CCIE Routing & Switching Lab Preparation workbook Volume 3 is designed to be more challenging than the Cisco's CCIE R&S lab. These labs all have Troubleshooting and Configuration sections (all components of the CCIE R&S lab). These are without question the industry's most up-to-date and complex scenarios available. Once mastered clients will have the knowledge and understanding of their readiness for the Cisco CCIE R&S lab exam.

Live, Online-HD-ILT™ Workbook Mentoring - a replacement to our Walk-Through Video Tutorials, has been designed to take the strategy and methodologies for working through the workbook lab scenarios to a much deeper level. These live, online, group mentoring sessions will consist of our technical experts walking through these lab scenarios in our Volume One Workbook, explaining their methodology and logic. Our instructors will also be fielding various questions, live, from the audience. During these mentoring sessions, you will gain valuable insight and a full understanding into the mindset of an expert CCIE instructor during the configuration, verification and troubleshooting steps of each lab. 

iPexpert's Troubleshooting Workbook Series - iPexpert's Multicast Workbook Series includes 4 workbooks focused on QoS, MPLS, Security, and Multicast.