IPexpert's CCIE Security v4.0 Product Portfolio

CCIE Security training

Our CCIE Security lab portfolio consists of complete suite of industry-leading CCIE Security version 4.0 self-study training products and Instructor led Bootcamps. To learn more about our products and courses, please click on the category of interest below.

CCIE Security Version 4 Training products

CCIE Security Workbooks - CCIE Security workbooks come in two separate workbooks designed to help clients with their lab preparation. These workbooks are technology focused with detailed solutions guide that have been tested and enhanced to cover the latest blueprint. 

CCIE Security Video on Demand course - Our Video on Demand course is information-rich video training solution that consists of over 45 total hours of content covering all the protocols and technologies included in the Security lab blueprint. In addition our virtual Instructors give invaluable tips on lab strategy and test preparation techniques needed to pass the exam

CCIE Security Audio on Demand Course  - Audio on Demand courses are lecture-based learning approach where clients can listen and learn anywhere at anytime. The lab topics are broken down into a total of almost 50 hours of detailed lectures that explain both the fundamentals and complex implementations of the challenging protocols that one may encounter in the real lab. Recorded in high Quality MP3 audio format which are available for immediate download.

CCIE Security Rack Rental- Security racks are structured around the IPexpert CCIE Security product topology consisting of the latest and greatest hardware and software (current lab topology) with a world-class interface that allows you to completely manage your rack remotely.

CCIE Security Self-Study Bundle (Blended Learning Solution)- This thorough hands-on solution is designed to take one from your initial stages of CCIE Security training all the way to actual lab exam! Created specifically as a self-study learning program, this Blended Learning Solution is sure to exceed ones expectations and contains an unmatched quantity of recently-updated and newly-created material that are updated to cover the latest CCIE Security blueprint. 

CCIE Security Bootcamps - Our CCIE Security Bootcamps are recognized as the most effective preparation course for the CCIE Security lab exam available anywhere & has been the key success to many CCIE’s around the world. Our Bootcamps are for clients who are nearing their lab exam and wish to master their technical knowledge & hone test taking strategies for passing their lab exam. Clients will receive hours of detailed lectures from CCIE Instructors providing in depth explanation and facilitate group discussion. After each day’s lectures, clients will be challenged with hours of extremely complex lab scenarios. .

CCIE Security Complete-End-to-End Solution - Our Complete End-to-End CCIE Security Training Solution is designed to take clients from initial stages of CCIE lab preparation all the way to actual lab exam! This solution is a combination of self-study program & classroom training component to ensure that it delivers results. 

Client Testimonials
Thank you to all the team behind the IPexpert Security Workbook...
I am happy to inform that I have received my CCIE number on the 27th November 2008. I have purchased and used IPexpert material and I can strongly say it helped me a lot to develop my skills during the preparation.

Thank you to all the team behind the IPexpert Security Workbook and the excellent service given.