5-Day CCIE Security Bootcamp was created as a strategy and technology focused 5-Day bootcamp. Students will be involved in lectures from the instructor during the entire week and at the conclusion of each day students will be tested on the information taught throughout the day (hands-on). After completion of all course-specific practice labs students will be able to gauge their preparedness for the actual CCIE Security lab exam. Attend this course in a live setting or via the internet utilizing IPexpert's Online-HD-ILT™.

CCIE Voice audio CCIE Security One Week Lab Boot Camp  was created for CCIE hopefuls in the last two weeks to one month of lab preparation. During the entire week students will be tested on all of their knowledge and technical skills by taking four full scale 8 hour mock labs. These labs were intended specifically to be more difficult than the actual lab exam. At the end of fifth and final day of the CCIE Security bootcamp the instructor will review your preparation progress and help you with a test taking strategy that will help you pass your exam. Class offered live or via IPexpert's Online-HD-ILT™  training solution.

10-Day CCIE Security Lab Preparation Bootcamp was created for CCIE hopefuls in the last month of their CCIE Security lab preparation. This class (available live or via IPexpert's Online-HD-ILT™  training solution) encompasses both the 5-Day bootcamp as well as the One Week Lab Experience. By the end of this 10-day bootcamp students should definitely be prepared to pass even the most difficult of exams.