4-Hour CCIE Security Online vRack Rental Voucher


About Our Online Hardware / vRacks

The iPexpert CCIE Security vRacks provide an online rack rental experience like no other. All racks are structured around the iPexpert CCIE Security Standard Topology consisting of 13 routers and four Catalyst switches, an ASA 5515, two ASA 5510s and an IPS.

Not only is the hardware, software, and control panel interface the best available option for CCIE Security preparation, it is also supported 24x7 by an elite group of technical support representatives who are just a phone call or instant-message away.

The Remote Control Tools System allows students to maximize study time by running the normally tedious setup tasks with little user intervention. Current clients are impressed by the customized graphical user interface that allows full access and control of the devices in the vRack.

Remote Control Tools:

  • All routers can be controlled via the web with our GUI remote control system.
  • You will not waste time on our racks... when you begin your session, your routers WILL BE set to the default (blank) setting.
  • RDP access to both ACS/ISE/SCEP/AD Server and the Win7 Workstation with IPSec clients.
  • Web GUI access to VMWare virtual servers (ACS,ISE,AD and WinXP) to start / stop / and severt to clean configuration.
  • Each device can be power cycled by our RPC (Remote Power Control) system with a click of a button.
  • Single Page Login (no need to telnet to rack's terminal server). Login and begin using our online hardware instantly.
  • Session Management (view scheduled time and reschedule without human intervention)

Hardware Details:

  • Routers are 2800, 2911 and 3800 series ISR routers, and VERY fast!
  • Cisco ISR Series running IOS Software Version 15.1(x)T and 15.2(x)T
  • ASA-5515-X Firewall, two ASAs 5510, IPS (Cisco IPS Software Release 7.x)
  • RDP Access to ACS Server with IEV and SCEP on Win2008, and Windows Win 7 Workstation with SSL and IPSec client along with Putty SSH Client to test all scenarios.
  • Each POD is equipped with four Catalyst 3560/3750 switches running Each POD has Frame Relay, Fast Ethernet, Serial, and Gig Ethernet technologies.
  • Each POD has two Backbone routers used to interject routes or for internet access or other technologies; these are reachable and can be accessed by our clients.

Software Versions

  • Cisco ISR Series running IOS Software Version 15.1(x)T and 15.2(x)T
  • Cisco Catalyst 3560/3750 Series Switches running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2SE/15.0(x)SE
  • Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances OS Software Versions 8.2x, 8.4x, 8.6x
  • Cisco VPN Client Software for Windows, Release 5.x
  • Cisco Secure ACS System software version 5.3x
  • Cisco WLC 2500 Series software 7.2x
  • Cisco Aironet 1200 series AP Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4J(x)
  • Cisco WSA S-series software version 7.1x
  • Cisco ISE 3300 series software version 1.1x
  • Cisco NAC Posture Agent v4.X
  • Cisco AnyConnect Client v3.0X

Standard CCIE Security Topology 

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