IPexpert's CCIE Wireless Lab Training Product Portfolio

Our CCIE Wireless training products consists of self-paced workbooks, video on demand, rack rental and live Instructor led bootcamps. To learn more about our products and classes, please select a category below.

CCIE Wireless Workbooks - CCIE Wireless workbooks come in two separate workbooks designed to help clients with their CCIE Wireless lab preparation. These are definitely the industry's most up-to-date and content rich workbooks designed to help clients prepare with their Wireless lab preparation. Each workbook comes with a companion detailed solution guide which offers a thorough breakdown of the complex tasks found in our workbooks.

CCIE Wireless Video on Demand course - Our CCIE Wireless video on demand course is information-rich video training solution consisting of over 45 total hours of content covering nearly every technology and protocol seen on the current Wireless blueprint along with extremely detailed slides and diagrams that are easy to comprehend. After each lecture on topic, lab exercises are demonstrated explaining the fundamentals and complex implementations of the challenging protocol that may be encountered in the real CCIE Wireless lab.

CCIE Wireless Audio on Demand Course - Recorded in high quality MP3 audio format, these lectures are available immediately for download. Clients will then be able to listen to them from any computer or MP3 player. The audio on demand lecture series contains hours of detailed lectures that explain the fundamentals and implementations of the challenging protocols tested on the CCIE Wireless v2 lab exam.

CCIE Wireless Rack Rental - Wireless racks are structured around the IPexpert CCIE Wireless product topology consisting of 4 Wireless LAN Controllers (including two 5508 WLCs and two 2504 WLCs), four Catalyst switches, seven wireless access points, WCS, ACS, MSE, and CME. We also guarantee that our wireless software and IOS match the lab, that the hardware is the most up-to-date on the market and that the interface will provide clients with a user-friendly experience.

CCIE Wireless Self-Study Bundle (Blended Learning Solution) - Self-study bundle is content-rich and complete CCIE Wireless lab preparation study resource consisting of video on demand course, workbooks, and audio lecture. Each component is built into a streamlined, user-friendly learning environment that maximizes study time and focus and simplifies efforts!

CCIE Wireless Boot Camps - In our Wireless bootcamps clients receive many hours of in depth lecture from CCIE instructors who provide detailed explanation and facilitate group discussions along with personal mentoring when needed. Clients will be challenged with extremely complex lab scenarios, reinforcing strong foundation to tackle lab exam. This specialized course contains both detailed explanations and challenging labs on advanced topics including Cisco autonomous access points, Wireless LAN Controllers, SSIDs, radio management, wireless security, wireless management, switching, Spanning Tree Protocol, dynamic routing, QOS, and multicast to name just a few. In addition, the Wireless bootcamp will provide invaluable tips on lab strategy and test preparation techniques maximizing the opportunity to pass the Cisco CCIE Wireless lab.

CCIE Wireless Complete-End-to-End Solution - Our complete end-to-end training solution is designed to take clients from initial stages of CCIE lab preparation all the way to actual lab exam! This solution is a combination of self-study program & classroom training component to ensure that it delivers results. Self study material contains recently updated and newly created material designed with Learn By Doing approach & technical material fits in IPexpert’s Structured Learning Approach.

Client Testimonials
Thanks to IPexpert for this great CCIE Wireless Workbook!
There is hardly any study material for the CCIE Wireless training out there, so IPexpert's stuff was really worth the money. The lab scenario exercises give you a really good idea of what you might expect on the actual lab. If you truly understand it you will pass! The combination of the IPexpert CCIE Wireless workbook and the Proctor Lab CCIE Wireless vRacks did it for me!