4-Hour CCIE Wireless Online vRack Rental Voucher


About Our Online Hardware / vRacks

All of the CCIE Wireless vRacks are structured to model the iPexpert CCIE Wireless product topology consisting of (2) 5508 and (2) 2504 Wireless LAN Controllers, 7 wireless APs (including 3500, 1260, 1040, and 1240 series APs), Catalyst 3560 series switches , 3 servers (WCS, ACS 5.2, and MSE), and a client PC for wireless connectivity. Proctor Labs also guarantees that the hardware OS matches what is used in the lab, and that user interface will provide a user-friendly experience. 

Not only is the hardware and interface the best around, it is also supported 24x7 by an elite group of technical support representatives who are just a phone call or instant-message away.

Remote Control Tools in the User Interface:

  • All routers, switches and servers can be controlled via the web with the GUI remote control system.
  • Clients will not waste time on the racks...when clients begin a session, they will be able to choose the lab scenario they are working on (Volume 1 & 2 Workbooks, or the ILT 5-day and OWLE Labs if clients have previously taken one of the courses), and pre-load all configurations specific to that particular lab scenario - THIS INCLUDES loading VMWare snapshots to enable new 'base" pre-configuration for each of the servers (many labs have differing server and router base pre-configurations from other labs).
  • Access to all servers via SSH, HTTPS, and/or RDP where appropriate.
  • Access to APs, WLCs, and Switches via console, telnet/SSH, and/or web GUI where appropriate.
  • Each device can be power-cycled by RPC (Remote Power Control) system with a click of a button.
  • Session Management (view scheduled time and reschedule without human intervention).

Hardware Details:

  • EACH of our 10 Wireless Racks are identical, and completely independent of each other rack (NO equipment sharing at all).
  • EACH rack is equipped with 2- 5508 and 2- 2504 WLCs running code
  • EACH rack is equipped with 4- 3560 24 port switches
  • EACH rack has 7 APs (1- 3500, 2- 1260, 1- 1040, and 3- 1240 series)
    • Autonomous APs run 12.4(25d)JA code
  • EACH rack has a Windows 2003 server running WCS
    • The Windows server also runs DHCP, DNS, AD, and CA services
  • EACH rack has an ACS 5.2 server
  • EACH rack has an MSE server
  • EACH rack has a Windows 7 client with a wireless NIC running the AnyConnect client

Standard CCIE Wirelss Topology: