CCIE Security Workbooks (4.0)


CCIE Security Workbook Volume 1

Volume 1 is designed to allow candidates to focus on individual protocols or technologies that are seen on the current Cisco blueprint. CCIE Security 4.0 Lab preparation workbook Volume 1 consists of 10 sections/modules full of lab scenarios with each section taking from 2 to 8+ hours to complete.

CCIE Security Workbook Volume 2

Volume 2 is a collection of five (5) 8-hour+ mock lab exams. Each mock lab exam, in CCIE Security 4.0 Lab preparation workbook Volume 2, is designed to be more challenging than the real lab. These labs all have Troubleshooting and the Configuration sections of the lab (both components of the new CCIE Security 4.0 lab)

Live, Online-HD-ILT™ Workbook Mentoring - a replacement to our Walk-Through Video Tutorials, has been designed to take the strategy and methodologies for working through the workbook lab scenarios to a much deeper level. These live, online, group mentoring sessions will consist of our technical experts walking through these lab scenarios in our Volume One Workbook, explaining their methodology and logic. Our instructors will also be fielding various questions, live, from the audience. During these mentoring sessions, you will gain valuable insight and a full understanding into the mindset of an expert CCIE instructor during the configuration, verification and troubleshooting steps of each lab. 

IPexpert's Protocol Operation and Troubleshooting Series - IPexpert's IPv4/IPv6 Multicast Operation and Troubleshooting offers readers an intense, topic-based, step-by-step guide to fully understanding IPv4 and IPv6 Multicast technologies as well as troubleshooting techniques.