iPexpert's Cisco CCIE Security (v4) Mock Lab Workbook (Vol. 2)



iPexpert's Cisco CCIE Security (v4) Mock Lab Workbook (Vol. 2)
Our CCIE Security 8-Hour Mock Lab Workbook is the second workbook used in most candidates' CCIE lab preparation. After completing our Volume 1 workbook, candidates move on to these challenging 8-hour mock lab scenarios. Our workbook contains 5 full 8-hour mock lab scenarios, each designed to help master the technologies covered in the CCIE Security lab exam. Students will also be given download PDF access. VIP technical support is also a benefit that our students receive.
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CCIE Security Mock Lab Workbook (Vol. 2) Overview

Each lab also includes a Detailed Solution Guide (DSG), which is a very detailed explanation and summary of what to configure, why to configure it and what to look for when completing the lab. Equipped with our CCIE Security Rack Rental Vouchers you'll be able to optimize your lab preparation and complete these labs in 45 hours.

Also, students who purchase our workbooks are able to attend free, online workbook mentoring sessions. These sessions, conducted by our industry-recognized instructors, will give students the ability to watch our instructor configure and explain the logic behind each of our lab scenarios. Sessions can be reserved within your Member's Area through a simplistic 1-click reservation process.

Table of Contents[ more ]

  • Section 1: 8-hour Multiprotocol Lab 1
  • Section 2: 8-hour Multiprotocol Lab 2
  • Section 3: 8-hour Multiprotocol Lab 3
  • Section 4: 8-hour Multiprotocol Lab 4
  • Section 5: 8-hour Multiprotocol Lab 5